ultrasound gel

  • Greenscan, low viscosity gel which is preferred if the gel shall be moved around on the body part to be scanned, e.g. scanning of pregnant women.
  • Bluescan, high viscosity gel which may be preferred if scanning or ultrasound treatment is limited to a small, well defined area.

We recommend that you order ultrasound gel in quantities which constitute full pallet layers. This ensures the best packing of the gel which minimizes the risk of transport damage.


Ref NoDescriptionContainer size, typeNumber of containers per boxNumber of boxes per pallet layer
445-025Greenscan250 ml bottle20 bottles/box12
445-1Greenscan950 ml bottle12 bottles/box10
445-5Greenscan5 l plastic container1 container/box24
446-025Bluescan250 ml bottle20 bottles/box12
446-1Bluescan950 ml bottle12 bottles/box10
446-5Bluescan5 l plastic container1 container/box24